Time Flies

Everyone keeps telling me that the older you get, the faster time moves.

I’m starting to believe them.

Here I am sitting in my dorm room like any other night and filling out end-of-the-year surveys.

Just a few months ago I was hiking up hills winded as can be, wondering what to do when I walked into the caf (can I go to more than one line? is it dorky to pick up a tray? who should I sit with?), and sitting awkwardly in my dorm during down times not knowing what to do without a couch, TV, or family.

Now, I complain about the hills only when I’m carrying twenty pounds of art supplies, my friends and I just know we’ll be in the caf at six (but we still send out the text for tradition’s sake), I get all the food out of all the lines I want, and my room has become my room.

These past two semesters have gone by so quickly, yet so much has happened! I have grown in many ways, met awesome new people, seen friends get engaged and married, made major career decisions, and seen parts of the state I never knew existed. It has been a great year.

Although I’m sad and slightly bewildered at seeing it come to an end, I’m excited for the summer (who isn’t?) and happy knowing that I’ll get to be back here with all these awesome people again next year (Lord willing!).

Now, to survive exam week…


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