I cannot believe that tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be heading out, only a *short* trip away from Mexico!

I appreciate all the prayers and support so many have shown already. I’ll be updating on here once a week or so, I hope.




I’ve always said that if I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life it would be milk.

Lately, one delicious drink has been giving it a run for its money.


I’ve liked coffee for a long time. Then, Einstein’s had this little get-any-coffee-drink-free-with-purchase-after-completing-this-survey deal for a whole semester, and I got pretty used to coffee twice a week or so. When that ended, I bought a coffee maker, and that made it pretty easy to have coffee every day…

So, that whole thing about it all starts somewhere and is a gradual downfall? Yeah, it happens.

As I’m sitting here drinking my homemade frappuccino and being inspired to write this pointless story about coffee, I’ll admit that I am a bit addicted. I’ll never give up my 2% milk. But coffee will also always be my friend.

Take it to Heart

Today, I was encouraged to take this verse to heart before my upcoming trip. I figured I would share it with you guys as well. It’s a good one.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Bucket List

So, I set off to work on some Summer class homework. Instead, I became inspired to blog a bucket list. I made a bucket list a long time ago, and I have since crossed a few things off (yippee!). So, here are some things I want to do before I die. No, they are not (exactly) in order.

  1. Get married
  2. Graduate college
  3. Have kids
  4. Ride on an airplane
  5. Ice skate in Rockefeller Center
  6. Have a career, or do whatever it is God wants me to do with my life
  7. Take a road trip out west
  8. Make 1000 origami cranes
  9. Go to Hawaii
  10. Leave the country
  11. Sell some artwork
  12. Punch a hockey player (long story)
  13. Go to Canada
  14. Raise a puppy
  15. Adopt

I’m sure there are MANY more things I would like to do in my life, but here’s a start! This doesn’t include things like spread the gospel and be an influence, because those are just ongoing. Which I hope number eleven is too… lol.

So, what do you want to do?

Cory: I believe in love like I believe in God; you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but you can feel its wrath.
Shawn Hunter: And its goodness. You can feel love’s goodness.
Cory: I wouldn’t know.

Sometimes Boy Meets World spits out the most insightful life truths. I have to say, though, this one just kind of makes me giggle. I totally understand where he’s coming from, but I am blessed enough to have experienced both the wrath and goodness of love. My love for this show is one of the goodnesses 😉

The Week of Dread

Here I have arrived, at the week every college student shudders at the thought of all semester long.

Exam week.

So far, I have nailed down a painting critique and an Art History exam. I say nailed down because I don’t know that I nailed them; I just know that they’re over. And right now, that’s good enough for me.

It was an interesting start to the weekend last night. During the traditional exam-breaker-breakfast (at night), security got real hyped up over some threats that came in and told us not to walk around outside alone. That was comforting. So my friends and I hulled up and studied, answered the phone every time a new alert or worried parent called, and rode the skateboard thing up and down the hall a little bit. You know, normal exam weekend activity.

All this excitement, of course, led to a severe lack of sleepiness when bedtime came along. Thankfully, my critique wasn’t until 10:00 this morning. Three cheers for sleeping till 9:20.

The usual Friday breakfast with mis amigos turned into lunch due to our weird schedules, but that was a pleasant break from the day’s exam worries.

Finally, I can relax once more, for an hour or so, before I have to cram for my morning exams.

Yes, I finally truly learned the meaning of the word cramming.

So, if you are still in my shoes or soon to be, I wish you the best of luck, very little stress, and wonderful grades.