The Week of Dread

Here I have arrived, at the week every college student shudders at the thought of all semester long.

Exam week.

So far, I have nailed down a painting critique and an Art History exam. I say nailed down because I don’t know that I nailed them; I just know that they’re over. And right now, that’s good enough for me.

It was an interesting start to the weekend last night. During the traditional exam-breaker-breakfast (at night), security got real hyped up over some threats that came in and told us not to walk around outside alone. That was comforting. So my friends and I hulled up and studied, answered the phone every time a new alert or worried parent called, and rode the skateboard thing up and down the hall a little bit. You know, normal exam weekend activity.

All this excitement, of course, led to a severe lack of sleepiness when bedtime came along. Thankfully, my critique wasn’t until 10:00 this morning. Three cheers for sleeping till 9:20.

The usual Friday breakfast with mis amigos turned into lunch due to our weird schedules, but that was a pleasant break from the day’s exam worries.

Finally, I can relax once more, for an hour or so, before I have to cram for my morning exams.

Yes, I finally truly learned the meaning of the word cramming.

So, if you are still in my shoes or soon to be, I wish you the best of luck, very little stress, and wonderful grades.



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