Aqui en Oaxaca

Hello all!

I´m finally getting enough time in the internet cafe for a little update.

The trip here went well. Only one of our flights was cancelled, but we got on another one a few hours later, so that was smooth enough. Four of us arrived in time to walk down to the Zocalo for a taco and then get settled into our living quarters. Us girls are staying in a little house with bunk beds, a kitchen, warm showers, and a great roof hangout spot.  I really like it.

The first couple of days consisted of getting to know the city. We got to do a little browsing and try some local food. Jugo verde=mmmmm.

As for the best part so far, three of us were walking down the street when we ran into a couple of Oaxacans, one of whom wanted to practice his english. Karen quickly turned the convo to Jesus, and we had about a 30 minute conversation in the middle of the street about God. Karen and Bailey were able to talk to one of them with their advanced Spanish while I talked with the one who spoke pretty good English with my not-so-advanced Spanish. This was an amazing door that God opened! It taught me that he will use you and what you have, and you don´t have to know everything to be effective. Please pray that we will be able to meet with these guys again and share more with them.

Today, we got a glimpse of the villages we will be spending lots of time in. I am very excited! Please keep us in your prayers as I´m also nervous but very confident that God has a plan.

Also, please pray for my team in the area of spiritual warfare. We are surrounded by ancient superstitions, and we are perfectly vulnerable for attack. The devil always wants to sqaush what God´s people are doing.

I guess I can´t sign off without mentioning the two things I´ve heard about for months. First of all, no one lied; this place is BEAUTIFUL. Second of all, the food is good, but my stomach doesn’t appreciate it as much as my taste buds. Even they are growing tired of it already… This is not good after only four days! But, like I said before, the juice is yummy. And, I´m willing to try just about anything. Including chapulines. That day will hopefully come soon!

Thanks for all your prayers. God is already moving, and I know he will continue to!


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