Los Pueblos


Oaxaca is still treating me well. I´m beginning to get down a few rules of thumb to survive in the city:

1. If you are asked a question in very fast Spanish that you don’t understand in a restaurant, smile and say ´si.´

2. If you are asked a question in very fast Spanish that you don´t understand on the street, smile and say ´no.´

3. Buy a raspa every chance you get. They´re that good.

But on a more serious note, we started visiting our villages this week! Melissa, Nick, and I hopped out of the truck and into the sight line of an awesome guy whose family has lived there for generations. He immediately invited us in to meet his wife and sons and dine on fresh fruit and spices. The plan was to explore the village a little, but we stayed at this family´s house for hours. It was far more wonderful than exploring could have been, I´m sure! The husband and wife both spoke their indigenous language fluently. Oh, and it is certainly a whole different language, not a dialect of Spanish! They began teaching us their native tongue. I knew I would pick up some more Spanish here and hoped to learn about the indigenous culture, but this was above and beyond.

After a great first day, the family insisted that we return early in the morning. We arrived at the village with enough time to hang out in a tortilleria with another really cool guy, explore a little, and then meet our friends. We visited their large garden area, and they invited us for comida–the large meal of the day. It was a delicous chicken soup with the freshest veggies and meat there can be.

So far, we could not ask for better reception! Please pray that we will be able to continue these relationships and others around the city, and pray that we will keep our focus on God throughout the summer.


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