This Week

When you´re in another country, you just miss the little things.

Karen, Bailey, and I went to a little coffee shop. I got a bagel with cream cheese and iced cappuccino, and thought I was about to die of happiness.

Then, there´s this whole thing about how Americans eat more meat than… anyone else in the world. So, I´ve been craving a steak hardcore. I knew it was risky, but I ordered a burger from a restaurant. It was not a burger. I was very sad.

Can you say culture shock, anyone?

BUT, despite the little ups and downs, I am still happy to be here, and I love Mexico! Here are some real updates:

This week was another great week in the villages.

Monday, we met a new friend who showed us around the beautiful templo when we went back yesterday. He´s an artist and teacher, so his tour of such an art-history-rich building was wonderful.

We got to spend some more time with our awesome family as well. Every day is a learning experience. We taste new fruits we´ve never seen, help prepare a roof to add another floor, and–next week–will learn to make tortillas.

Through all the times of hanging out, we`ve been able to share our testimonies and some Bible verses. But, we haven´t had many big, gospel-sharing opportunities. Please pray that we won´t be fearful to jump into it!

Thank you all for your prayers so far. God is working!


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