La Guelagetza

The Festival


Winding Down

Hello, all!

Although the trip is winding down, we aren’t slowing down yet!

This past week has been filled with fun. Wednesday, we held a soccer tournament in one of the villages for kids ages 6-12ish. We got to spend time with some awesome people who live here, and they took us in for a delicious lunch. We followed it up with another fun day of Mexico vs. USA soccer on Saturday and tlayudas with their family. They’re such a fun group of people!

Thursday, one of the villages was having a festival, so we went to it in the morning and then to our own villages in the afternoon. My team got to spend some time with our friends there, reading Bible stories and learning about Mexico. We learned a little more about the town and what there is to do there.

The biggest tourist activity we’ve done lately is the famous Guelagetza! We had a relaxing breakfast at the market yesterday morning and then, after loading up our backpacks with hours worth of food and drinks, we headed out to the cerro. We waited in line for a few hours, chilling on a wall and eating our snacks. It was a small price to pay for free tickets! About five hours after we left the house, the festivities began. Traditional dances and clothing from many different villages filled the stage with color and excitement. Between each village’s performance, they threw stuff into the crowd like hats, baskets, tortillas, and even pineapples. Yeah, that one was a little dangerous. The celebration lasted a few hours, and then we fought our way down the hill and back home. It was an exciting night.

Please pray that we will use our last week as effectively as possible. Also, pray for our health. Most of the girls in our house are going through colds right now–lots of runny noses and coughing and very little sleep! Thank you all for your continued prayers. As much as I don’t want to leave, I can’t wait to see all of you back home!!


Everyone always says, “it’s not about numbers.” But who really believes that?

How many people attend your church each Sunday? How many came to VBS? How many kids were saved at VBS? How many hands went up? How many people did you baptize this year?

While these are all important things that the church does, it needs to be about the people, not the numbers.

In the month+ that we’ve been here, we haven’t seen a single person saved. They told us before we came that this would be a slow work. Sometimes, we get discouraged. Sometimes, it feels like we’re trudging through knee-high mud in flip-flops, and it’s turning into cement. But, we aren’t letting it get us down.

God is teaching our teams patience and perseverance. He’s showing us that what we think of as rewards may not come, but in the long run, He will make a difference.

Continue to pray that we can knock down walls and prepare the way for future ministry to these people. It’s an awesome work.

My beautiful city 🙂


My beautiful team 🙂


Long Time No Blog

Hey, everyone!

So, it´s been about two weeks since I`ve blogged… I´m sorry 😦 All of a sudden our whole team realized a month was gone and we still had a ton to do! We´ve been cramming our weekends full of stuff that everyone needs to do when they go to Oaxaca, and our weekdays have been full as well.

With each day that we explore the area and experience the culture, I love Mexico a little more. It´s so much fun winding down after a long day with elote or helado at the zocalo, watching guys breakdance and have rap battles, or just walking around and looking at all the pretty things. We´re surrounded by beautiful mountains and interesting people. I´m definitely going to miss this place.

This week and last, we´ve had the opportunity to exchange stories with a man in our village. He teaches us about Mexico, and then we share some Bible stories with him. It has been interesting on both sides, I believe. Pray that it opens the door to deeper conversations.

We´ve also been able to continue helping a couple of kids learn some english. They are so sweet, and their whole family is very welcoming. Pray for easy learning and open hearts!

The more we talk to people the more we realize how difficult it is to not be Catholic in this part of the world. People don´t treat us differently when we tell them we aren´t Catholic, but it´s a whole different story for family and neighbors. Believers are often cut off from their families and societies because they have given up their heritage, their culture. It´s no wonder that people are afraid to respond. Please pray that God will show these people how much more important he is than anything else. Pray that he will show US that as well as we overcome our fears and share the hope we have.