Everyone always says, “it’s not about numbers.” But who really believes that?

How many people attend your church each Sunday? How many came to VBS? How many kids were saved at VBS? How many hands went up? How many people did you baptize this year?

While these are all important things that the church does, it needs to be about the people, not the numbers.

In the month+ that we’ve been here, we haven’t seen a single person saved. They told us before we came that this would be a slow work. Sometimes, we get discouraged. Sometimes, it feels like we’re trudging through knee-high mud in flip-flops, and it’s turning into cement. But, we aren’t letting it get us down.

God is teaching our teams patience and perseverance. He’s showing us that what we think of as rewards may not come, but in the long run, He will make a difference.

Continue to pray that we can knock down walls and prepare the way for future ministry to these people. It’s an awesome work.

My beautiful city 🙂


My beautiful team 🙂



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