Back to School

Round two! It’s good to see lots of familiar faces and much-missed friends. Setting aside the fact that classes haven’t started yet, getting back into the groove of things has been easy so far. I found myself trying to dry my hands on a towel that wasn’t there because that’s where it lived last semester, and then I tried to throw trash away where my trash can wasn’t yet placed. The new additions of an alebrije, new pics, and my pumpkin latte air freshener add some nice variety 🙂

My friends are still just as crazy as ever. Brooke just rolled out of my room in her desk chair saying “I’m gonna try something” and Meesh followed with the video camera… Hannah just sat on the bed and rolled her eyes because it’s not so abnormal. We’ve spent our fair share of time making fun of Aaron’s Southern-ness and phrases like “I don’t rightly recollect…” He knows we love him. And, of course, we’ve gotten our butts kicked by the hills. Every semester. I thought I was a lot more in-shape after jogging all summer. Turns out I’m only a little more in-shape.

We took the mandatory Walmart run last night… and of course added a detour of Cookout. Tonight we’re gonna get down to business and have a back-together celebration at the coffee shop. I’m definitely excited. Next order of business, get a job so I can pay for all these outings XD

Pray for all of us as we start classes tomorrow! Here we go.


Don’t be a Quiet Christian

I snagged this quote from a Dare2Share devotional:

“When I first came to the Lord, my take was that living a Christian life was more about planned defense. So for about 2 years, I just basically tried to do good things. What I hadn’t realized is that if you’re vocal about your faith, the pressure is then put on the people that you’re sharing it with. It was then that I realized how powerful the message was.”

Jase Robertson.

Back to the Norm

Well, here I sit, in my living room, in the States! It has been great seeing my parents and church peeps again. I’m looking forward to seeing my grandparents for dinner tomorrow and welcoming home the rest of my family/church family from Guatemala tomorrow night. I’ve already had steak twice–YUM–and I’m looking forward to some pedicure bonding time with the chicas. Also, reuniting with Velma (my car) has been wonderful 🙂

Unfortunately, coming home means getting back into the normal stress of things. The easy-going lifestyle of Mexico definitely doesn’t transfer. I have to get to work on doing my homework, filling out papers, paying for school, making money, and the rest of the not-so-fun necessities of life.

Above it all, I need to remember what God taught me this summer, and figure out how to use that. If there was one point he drove home, it’s this: when you think you’ve got your life all figured out, packed into a cute little travel bag, with a clear view down the road ahead, he’ll throw a fork into your path. There aren’t roadsigns; you just have to choose a route and trust him. So, here we go.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers all summer long. Don’t stop–Mexico and I both still need them 🙂