Another Home

Well, I am finally back in the beautiful city of Oaxaca! I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. Spending two months here last summer was an awesome adventure, but I knew returning would be a whole new type of adventure.

I have been surprised at how little some things have changed. Rico and Dany are still selling their raspas at the same spots in the zocalo. R is still sitting behind his scarcely stocked display counter hoping to sell a notebook and waiting for the library truck to come through town. The ladies are still selling pan in the morning, my fruit booth hasn’t moved, and the pink and green buses still take me to church for six pesos.

However, some things have changed. I’m staying in an apartment a bit further outside the city instead of a house in el centro. One of the lovely families that helped guide us last summer has moved on and none of the other students are the same people (yet!)–although they are all very wonderful. There are some new styles of shirts for sale in the markets. The zocalo is a bit dead because it’s early in the year.

All in all, Oaxaca is still Oaxaca.

Jose and I had the opportunity to visit some friends en los pueblos yesterday, so that was very good. We’re planning to see them again later in the week. There is a BSU team here right now that I’m helping out with a bit, and more summer folks will be coming in tomorrow and Thursday. The week is looking very busy but very good!

Prayers are much appreciated. I’m very happy to be back 🙂


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