Shaking Things Up

Update: the green busses no longer take me to church. They’re all pink now 🙂

Everything is running pretty smoothly here in Oaxaca. The new students are getting oriented and the old students are relishing in being back, for the most part.

We had a little surprise around five this morning when we were awakened by wobbling beds in a wobbling building. Oaxaca is used to the occasional earthquake and therefore built for it. The one this morning was a 5.7. It lasted long enough to wake us all up and get us out of our bedrooms, jackets in hand, but it stopped shortly after that. We went back to sleep 🙂

Another possible bump in the road is that of the teacher marches. They like to peacefully block off main highways and stores in pursuit of higher wages. It serves to make everyone in the city of Oaxaca have a bit more difficult day. One day a 30 to 45 minute bus trip took us over an hour and a half. They say there will be a big one today. We’ll see how the trip to the children’s home goes.

Yesterday, I got to introduce some new students to some old friends in the village. That was lots of fun. We continue to read Bible stories with R and talk with him about their importance to his life and ours. He is learning a lot, but please pray that he will take it to heart. Along with this, some of the students this summer will be teaching health lessons in various villages. I’m very excited for them! It is a much needed service in many places that don’t have much education on how to care for wounds etc.

As I finish up my last few days here (wow!), please pray that they will be productive and good. Pray for the four students who have been here all semester as they head out Tuesday. Pray that their transition home will be as smooth as possible and that they will learn and grow through the trials. Pray for the students who have recently arrived that they will get along, stay healthy, and grow in their relationships with God this summer. As always, pray for my Oaxacan friends. I very much appreciate it!!


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