Guatemala: Day 3

Who says God isn’t good?

“We’re finishing this house by five,” Caleb repeated as we drove to our second house of the day. When we stepped out at our first house after an hour and a half of driving–a ride complete with Dwayne losing his breakfast coffee–we knew there was no way to build two houses in one day. We hadn’t done it yet, and this was the farthest location. They told us this part of the country would be hot, and they were right. It was sweltering and sticky. As we worked, we could hear the volcano rumbling in the background (which was actually kind of cool). Even still, the first house went very smoothly. The family was extremely welcoming, and they had very nice bathrooms for us to use nearby–a major plus. We finished by lunchtime. When we learned that the other house was no more than ten minutes away, we took a trip to the hardware store and set off to continue our work. Upon arrival at the second house, our spirits dropped again. The ground where we were to build was hard and full of gravel, and the space was tight with no spare room to work. We were all hot and tired. Although it’s rainy season, dust has been whirling around us–it has been very dry since the earthquake a couple of months ago. Thankfully, the neighbors let us borrow their shade to build doors and windows, and we were able to break through the rock. Across the street, a woman supplied ice packs to cool us down. We bought literally all of the cold water and Gatorade a small tienda down the street had in the fridge. Did I mention it was hot? Finally, the house was finished and ready to be dedicated. This time, thunder crashed in the background. The homeowner cried, told us her testimony, and thanked us and God profusely. We loaded up the tools, gave ourselves a round of applause for finishing two houses in one day, and hopped in the van. The sky opened and rains poured as we closed the doors. Terry looked at his watch and said, “it’s 5:02.”


Now Meets Nineties

Ok guys, one thing that really inspires a good blog entry is my beloved Boy Meets World. Girl Meets World, the current spin-off series based on the best show from the nineties, has hit the air. Cory and Topanga have grown up and begun to raise a family of their own, and now their daughter is the focus of a new series. Here’s my take after two episodes.

The moral lessons that made BMW what it was seem to still be popping up, if somewhat less profound.
The themes of the show target both viewers of the classic (No homework, more freedom!) and kids watching the Disney Channel today.
The best characters from the classic resurface themselves and in the form of their children.
It’s not the old BMW remade. There is new focus.

It’s made in the style of modern Disney Channel which includes a few too many saturated colors and bit too much hyperness.
It could borderline on ridiculous, although I believe it is better than most shows now. Nobody is a pop or reality tv star.

As you can see, I’m overall happy! I have to wonder if anyone is, in fact, watching this show for the sake of THIS show. I can’t imagine kids watching Disney Channel and stumbling upon GMW with no BMW in their background… that’s just sad! But I also can’t imagine that the whole audience consists of twenty-somethings criticizing the new show and trying to relive the happiest series of their child/young-adulthood. Either way, it’s pretty cool that BMW hasn’t quite died yet. I can’t hope that GMW will leave a legacy like its parent series did, but I hope it outlasts its associate shows and sets itself apart just a bit. BMW will always have a special place in my heart, so I hope this one makes it into someone else’s.